Methods for unlocking TV and DVD in motion for Toyota/Lexus

Method 1

To unlock the TV and DVD display in motion on Toyota and Lexus 2016+ model year vehicles (models starting from 2016-Toyota LC200, Lexus LX570, Lexus LX450D, Lexus RX series, etc. models), you must close the 59 contact of the standard head unit connector to the battery minus (body weight).

Method 2

Cable number 8 (handbrake) cut off and connect to the housing. Cable number 19 (speed sensor) is cut off and isolated.
Attention! The color of the cables may differ, but the location will not change! The wire number is counted from left to right.

Method 3

18 pin - red wire (speed Sensor)
17 pin - green wire (Handbrake)
10 pin - brown wire (Ground)

Pin 18 (speed sensor) cut and break the wire, put a button, in order to properly navigate ( in |on navigation, position On-off will work the DVD) 17 pin (handbrake) cut the wire coming from the connector we connect with pin 10 (ground), and the one that stuck out from the harness isolate shrinking.

Method 4

In the gray connector "I 55", cut the wire responsible for the car speed signal that is suitable for the contact number"27". Isolate. In the white connector "I 56", cut the wire responsible for the Parking brake signal that is suitable for the contact number"20".The cut wire coming from the pad must be thrown on the mass.

Method 5

Purchase a specialized MDA block crawler.

Method 6

Contact your dealer.

P.S. the article does not present all types of methods and connectors, but based on this instruction, it is not difficult to understand the mechanism for implementing blocking bypass.