Alfa_159_1.9_JTD_16V_Bosch_EDC16C39_51821938_394529_TUN DPF off Ayashiko.bin

  • 3.8 $

This firmware is used to improve the dynamic and other characteristics of the vehicle.

Universal firmware instructions:

  • Connect to the ECU (electronic control unit).
  • Read the firmware so that in case of problems, you can go back to the working version.
  • Write down the purchased firmware.
  • Done! Arrange a test drive.

How to purchase firmware for Alfa?

  1. Add "Alfa_159_1.9_JTD_16V_Bosch_EDC16C39_51821938_394529_TUN DPF off Ayashiko.bin" to the basket.
    Go to the basket and place your order.
    Pay for the order in any convenient way.
    Our manager will send you the firmware at the specified contact details as soon as possible!
  2. Contact us using one of the following ways:

How do abbreviations in the firmware name stand for?

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